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National Poetry Month

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Aren't they the sweetest? This is from my most recent engagement session out in Gruene, Texas. 

Did you know that April is national poetry month? I had no idea. How is that I always find out about every stinking national awareness day/week/month/year thing that goes on at the very end of things? I mean I didn't know it was earth day last week until half way through the day. 

So here we are at the end of the month of April and I'm just now finding out it's national poetry month. Always late to the party over here. Story of my life I guess. 

So to celebrate April's poetry month I've got a few links of some of my old poetry and other things to share with you!


  1. I'm always late to the party too! I never know that something is happening until it's a little too late... but having a smart phone is making it a little easier. ;)

    I loved your engagement photos from Gruene!


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