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my view

I had originally titled this Ocean View. I started writing this sitting near the sea at sunrise, but as I begin to trail off after the seventh line the title didn't seem to fit anymore… 
All I could think about was him. No one else. 
The idea of the two of us. Alone. 
He is my view. 

smell of salt in the wind
cool breeze against my skin
sun beating down on my face
my skin burning as i sit in one place
cooling sensation as i step into the water
simple thought that nothing else matters
feel of my toes in the sand
feel of the pole in my hand
tug of a fish on my line
idea of you on my mind
sound of your familiar voice
one that drowns out all other noise
that's the view i want to see
you're the you i want with me  

… I love you handsome


  1. That is beautiful. And I love this shot of you guys.

  2. aptly named title ... you two are adorable! Love the genuine grins of sheer happiness and love on each of your faces :)

  3. Aww I love it!!!! So sweet! This is such a great picture of the two of you! Beautiful!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. this is so personal and precious alisha, i love you love him~

  5. I love this Alisha! So very sweet!

  6. What a sweet post... the photo of you two is adorable!!

  7. oh my this is so sweet..such lovely words and a pretty photo :)

  8. Aww you two are so cute!! That picture definitely proves that you think his tractor's sexy. ;) hehe

    You both look super happy with each other in that picture. Love it. (:

  9. cute cute picture, i love it!

  10. Beautiful! I love that picture of you two!

  11. Awe. That is so cute. :) I hope i am as lucky as you in finding love someday!

  12. That was beautiful. Also the photo was awesome! You both look so happy!!

  13. Ohhhh my gosh how sweeeeet!!! Tear tear!! You two are so cute!


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