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Hey there, thanks so much for stopping by!
Interested in sponsoring Alisha and Brandon {the blog}? Well, you're in the right place. Since we're so new to sponsoring, rates are super affordable!

Current Statistics:
(As of October 2013)
1,000+ followers via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin'
1,400+ followers via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
130,000+ pageviews and 1,700+ unique visitors just last month
And, this blog is still growing!

If you feel your brand is the right fit for this blog, feel free to contact me. Sponsors can start at any day of the month. Your ad will be featured on my right sidebar. Ads will be rotated weekly for maximum exposure. 

I am very active on social networks (i.e. twitter, facebook, instagram, etc) and interact daily. Your advertising dollars spent towards my blog help make it possible for me to advertise on blogs with larger followings, which in turns helps us both! Now, how 'bout that? 

For more information email me. I'd love to work with you!

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Elite Ad: Only one! $15/mo or $35 for 3 months. Ad appears at top of sponsor section. An individual feature with 3-5 pictures and links. With option to participate in monthly group giveaway or host a solo giveaway. You may also offer promos and discounts. Businesses - sponsored posts also available. 

Large Ad: $8/mo or $15 for 3 months. Ads appear under elite ad spots of sponsor section. An individual feature with 1-2 pictures and link located at the bottom of regularly scheduled posts. With option to participate in monthly group giveaway. You may also offer promos and discounts to my readers. Businesses - sponsored posts also available.  

Small Ad: Available for Swap. Ads appear below large ad spots. You have the option to participate in monthly group giveaway.

Reviews: I am up for doing reviews, so if you would like to send me pretty things to rant and rave about and post pictures of me enjoying your product, please contact me. 
You can check out past reviews here.