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Christmas Traditions

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, at least in my opinion it is. Christmas is a time filled with love, warmth, changing of the seasons, celebration of Jesus' birth, gifts and lots and lots of traditions. Old and new traditions. Common and some not-so-common traditions (ever heard of Krampus Night?? Google it. You'll freak). Either way, those traditions are the memories that we take with us year after year to be cherished for many more to come. 

Some of my favorite traditions:
Black Friday (yes it's a tradition) - Shopping on Black Friday is something I've been doing with my mom and sister since I was in the fifth grade. We plan like there's no tomorrow. Gotta find the best deals.
Christmas decorations - We always break out the decorations the day after Thanksgiving (after all the shopping, of course). The lights, the tree, the garland, stockings and the pinecones. And don't forget the cinnamon sticks! When I was back home with my parents, my dad and I would always put up the lights on the house and fence line together.  
Christmas cards - I'm already a step ahead on this one this year. I love sending out AND getting Christmas cards year after year ha!
Wrapping presents - Now this has got to be my all time favorite tradition. I've always got to out-do myself from the previous year. And this year is no different. I'm looking to ShopRuche holiday guide for inspiration for my wrapping! You'll love some of their fab ideas, like the chalkboard name tags, vintage fashion jewelry pieces, or decoupage ornaments.

PS. Our tree is officially up and in the new house. It may be the only thing in the new house, but at least it's up. Hopefully B and I will be moved into the new house before Christmas. 

PPS. The Christmas ornament blog swap is officially closed for sign ups. We'll be e-mailing out the partners today! Be on the look out for those. I can't wait to see all the pretty ornaments you guys get. I'm headed to Pottery Barn to get my ornament today!

Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. Awww... your tree is up in the house! That's so exciting. You've got to be getting pretty close to moving in now. I like the ribbon you have woven all through the tree... so pretty.

    I love wrapping presents too. I just made some wrapping paper last night with paint and doilies. I'm getting excited to wrap gifts!

    Happy Monday

  2. Hey Alisha,

    Your tree is beautiful! I'm with ya, I love this time of the year and I'm all about tradition. We too, begin putting up the tree and decorations the day after Christmas. This year was a little different since we were so far away from our home. But we got everything up this last weekend! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and get to spend it in your new home! Happy Monday to you!

  3. Love seeing the beginning of Christmas in your house!! So exciting. All your traditions are great. We always do decorations and Christmas cards. We also do fun wrapping paper- each person in the fam gets their own paper, so it makes christmas morning really easy :)


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