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Holiday fun and gift wrapping because it's my favorite part!

Being grateful. 

Yeah, yeah yeah, I know.
That's what Christmas is all about. 

But seriously, wrapping presents is by far my absolute favorite part about Christmas! I love all the meticulous little details - ribbons, bows, hiding the tape so no one can see it, and double sided tape, (I mean c'mon, whoever invented that stuff is a genius!) and adding cute little personalized name tags. 

Yesterday I started my wrapping, and I actually think I'm close to being finished (insert sad face) minus the few gifts I still need to buy and some gift baskets. Astro kept me company while I punched, glued, cut, taped, and carefully pieced every gift together. 

It's just not enough, I need more presents to wrap. I bet I'd make a killer elf in Santa's workshop! #wrappingqueen

I also got into the spirit more than usual yesterday (if that's even possible after wrapping sooo many presents!!) and made snicker-doodle cookies and had a warm and very large cup of hot chocolate. Though, after this post, my powdered mix was seriously put to shame.

Now, I'm off to buy more presents to wrap. 

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. Ok. I will fly you down here to wrap all my presents!!!!! Lol! I enjoy wrapping, but I'm glad it's just once a year!!!!

  2. Ooo I love wrapping presents too!! LOVE them :)

  3. Your name tags are adorable! I'm sad to say mine don't look nearly that good.

    xx Emily @

  4. Cute! Next year I'll send you all of my presents to wrap!

  5. I feel the same way about wrapping, I love it!! All of your wrapping looks so perfect!

  6. I love it, too, girl!! Your presents are beautiful! Loving the name tags (:

  7. that dog is awesome. we love our little dog too... and it's funny because Ashley used to hate animals!


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