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Christmas Cards // Lana's Shop

Besides wrapping Christmas presents, and we all know how much I love wrapping presents, but when it comes to sending out my Christmas cards I don't mess around! And I mean, who doesn't love getting cards in the mail? Then of course it gives them something to display in their home around the holidays!

I came across these beautifully hand designed Christmas cards a few weeks ago and absolutely fell in love. Lana is the adorably and very talented artist behind all these original and fabulous Christmas cards. Lana features premium quality hand painted cards with vibrant colors and beautiful designs.

Guys, she even does custom designs too! This girl is flipping awesome. :)

I am head over heels for the milk and cookies gift tags to go along with all of my fabulous Christmas presents this years. Lana seriously knows the way to my heart!!

If you haven't mailed out your Christmas cards you should seriously check out Lana's Shop!


  1. You're right, those cards are pretty awesome!..I like the doggy with antlers

  2. Isn't Lana amazing! Her Christmas collection is the best :) Enjoy your cards! Love them all!


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