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Money Matters: Women + Money

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Happy Monday everyone! First of all, can we talk about N*SYNC's reunion last night and Justin Timberlake's performance on the VMAs? How awesome was that?? Now how many of you are getting your little ones ready for their first day back to school today? I'm sure a lot of you are busy packing lunches, stuffing backpacks and lacing up shoelaces to get those kiddos off to school. Good luck! :) 

So for today's Monday Matters, I wanted to talk about us. Women. We are awesome at taking care of our husbands, homes, children and so much more. We juggle a lot, and we do it really well. But one thing I know I'm not so good at is managing my money and being smart with my money. I'm getting better with the managing part with the budget Brandon and I started a few weeks ago, but talk about being smart about my money and bring up money market accounts, Roth IRAs, 401k, and other investment options and I'm completely oblivious to it all. Money can be a complicated issue, but it doesn't have to be.

I started reading this book by Suze Orman titled Women & Money, and I'm learning so much about how to handle money. We should treat our money just like any other aspect in our lives: spouses, children, pets, plants, home and whatever else in our lives that we love and cherish. We need to create a relationship with our money because it is an extension of ourselves.

Money has the power to make our lives better. Simple as that. Better healthcare if you were sick. Better quality of life. Better quality foods at the grocery store (hello organic and non-processed foods!).

I'm learning that I need to start making strong money moves, moves with an end goal of making Brandon and I more powerful and secure. 

How do you handle your money? Savings, spending, investing? 


  1. I struggle with budgeting a lot. I've come up with a plan though that I'm hoping will help though. I have a certain amount each month that is mine to spend so I budget that out between going out with a friend, spending on what I want to buy that month, and basically anything extra.

    I'll have to check out that book you mentioned! Right now, I'm reading "To Buy OR Not To Buy" by April Lane Benson, PhD. It is so interesting! It explains why we overshop and how to stop. I'm fascinated with it.

    Good post, Alisha!!

  2. Reading this makes me so excited for you! And for me also because I'm also at the beginning of my journey of beginning to make money a tool, and a powerful one..It really is exciting and awesome to see what can happen when you work your money instead of it working you!! GO!!!

  3. Ohh..I'll have to look at that book you mention.

    I struggle with budgeting. SO many times I have attempted to make spreadsheets and all these other fancy things and I never ever keep up with them!


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