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Money Matters: Budgeting 101

A few weeks ago Brandon told me to gather up all my pay stubs, bills and credit card I was currently paying and my student loan statements, that we were going to sit down and start a budget. News flash: this girl doesn't do budgets. Hell, I don't even keep a check registry. What?? 

I know, I know, but hey I have my own ways of keeping up with my money. I use online banking, mobile apps and I go to the bank at least once a week to either deposit money or check our account. Either way I always know what's in our bank account. But when it comes to saving money and only using/spending what we need (i.e. actually living within our means) now that's the hard part.  

So when I heard Kelsey and Eric of Words of Williams talking about YNAB: You Need A Budget at Texas Style Council the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Everything just seemed to fall into place. So on Mondays over here I'll keep you up to date with how Brandon and I are tracking our own budget and savings. I'm excited to see how much we can save! 

Kelsey and Eric even have their own FREE budget spreadsheet you can download to get started on your first budget, or you can get $6 off your purchase of budgeting software at YNAB.

Do you keep a monthly budget? How do you keep track of your millions?   

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Image Credit: Words of Williams


  1. We received Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University DVDs as a wedding gift, so we've been on a budget for a little while around here. It was really hard for us at first, but it's becoming easier. We have tons of debt, so it's really important for us to pay it off sooner rather than later. A budget is a necessity with me and my husband now. I don't think we'll ever stop having one. :)

    p.s. I wish we had millions to keep track of... more like millions in debt ha. ;)


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