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More On Sleep Talking

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So I haven't had anymore zombie dreams lately, but my husband is being little Miss Chatty Cathy over here. He's talking in his sleep so much more the past few weeks. I don't think he has full-blown somniloquy, but should I be worried? Do any of you or your husbands talk in your sleep (or sleep walk for that matter)? 

I'm thinking I should start a best of series for all his sleep talking conversations. He's pretty funny. Though, just fair warning, not all of them are fit for print ha! Some are just a jumble of words, others full on conversations, but all in all they make for some pretty hilarious commentary.

"Goodnight Shamu"
Good Lord, my husband thinks I'm fat!  

"I need a light! I can't see. Dammit, it's dark down here!"
I don't think he ever found the light he was looking for…

"Smells like a pull-up hehe hehe"
Yes, he actually giggled like a 5 year old 

"Give it to me. Give it to me. I want it."
Before you go thinking he's talking about sex here, I'm pretty sure he was whining (maybe??) like he was fighting over a tonk a truck or something. Who knows really?  

And there you have it, the best of sleep talking from my wonderful husband. The awesome thing about this, when I ask him the next morning what he dreamt about and then tell him about his conversations he doesn't believe me. He thinks I'm lying. You can't make this stuff up people!!


  1. These are HILARIOUS! My husband doesn't sleep talk but has a C-Pap and is dead to the world. BTW... I have major bang envy from the GChat last night!

    - Brin

  2. Bahahaha ! I hope my future husband sleep talks so I can have ag ood laugh about it! haha


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