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Sleep Talking and Baby/Zombie Dreams

So I've mentioned before that my husband talks in his sleep, right? Yeah, I still don't let him live that one down. But lately, it seems he's been talking a whole lot more in his sleep, and well, it's been rather amusing. But before I tell you what he said, I have to tell you about my dream. 

The other night I had a freakishly weird dream. I was in the middle of this open field sleeping in a water bed. I woke up and realized I was big, fat and nine months pregnant, then gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I wanted to name her Haleigh or Hayden (I don't think I completely decided between the two), and I was dead set on the '-eigh' for some odd reason ha! 

After giving birth my family told me I had to keep the baby hidden because the government had a mandate to implant all new-borns with microchips like those you put in animals. I was completely freaked. Of course I hid her. And then running around like a crazy person because I forgot where I put her. (Who does this? Just wait, it gets better.)

Then I went to find Brandon. He was just a few feet out in the open field tilling a garden. He says he needs more seeds, so we leave the garden to find more seeds only to see a mob of zombies charging down the hill towards us. I've seriously been watching too much of Walking Dead.

I don't really remember the rest because I woke up to pee and didn't go back to the same dream, but when I crawled back in bed I noticed B was mumbling. I waited to see if he was going to say anything else. Sho 'nough he did, and it took every thing inside me not to burst out laughing or wake him up.

"I need a light!"

It took me a moment to realize what he was saying, and I was doing so good trying not to laugh at my sleep-talking husband. Then he shouted louder, "I need a light! I can't see. Dammit, it's dark down here!"

And just as quick as it came, he stopped talking and I laughed a little while longer then finally dozed off.

The End ha!!


  1. That is hilarious --both dreams! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  2. This is too funny! It sounds sort of like the plot in Breaking Dawn part 2 also... the part where the government is coming after your baby. hehe. I hope Brandon found the light he was looking for too. (:

    Oh... and I got your email about the ornament swap button... I'll fix that a little later today!


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