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Macaroons: Petite Sweets - Houston, TX

After last week's epic fail in the kitchen, I decided to leave things up to the professionals from here on out. I mean, why risk all the stress, frustration and let down? No one needs that. :)

So, over the weekend I staked out Petite Sweets bakery in Houston and bought six of their deliciously made macaroons. They had really great reviews on yelp and urban spoon, and the pictures were practically making me drool. And when I got there they did not disappoint. They have macaroons, cake balls, mini cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies, frozen custard, gelato, (need I go on?) and dipped cones made with Belgian chocolate, all with fresh, quality ingredients. They even have free wi-fi too!

Brandon loved the chocolate and cotton candy flavored macaroons, my favorite was the vanilla, but the red velvet was pretty darn good too. If you're ever in the Houston area and looking for a sweet pick me up be sure to check out Petite Sweets.

 photo macaroon-5_zpsb0d01400.jpg  photo Macaroon-7_zpsc0a61a3d.jpg  photo 85b517b8-a1da-40c8-93c6-536a9faf2c8a_zpse6a2653b.jpg


  1. If I'm ever in Houston I'll give you a call and we can meet up and eat plenty of macaroons. :) Those look delicious. It looks like they have lots of delicious Valentine's day treats out for purchase. Yum yum.

  2. seriously i have been wanting to try homemade macarons in the past week, is it really that hard?? bummer maybe store bought is best!! this sweets shop looks so cute and yummy


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