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Macaroons: My Third Attempt

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I give up. 

After attempting to make macaroons for the third time, I give up. It's just too easy to go to the bakery and buy the damn things! This should probably be a "how NOT to make macaroons" post. That's definitely more fitting. But at least I know where I keep messing up…aging the egg whites and getting the right consistency on the meringue, blah, blah, blah.

The recipe book made everything look so easy. They lied. Measure this, whip that, pipe this, and viola, macaroons! Puuuuuhhhhleeeasseee. Only after you've made fifty bagillion batches will they even remotely look half way decent. I, on the other hand, have a life so yeah. 

This site has some really great troubleshooting tips and guides to making the perfect macaroon. I would know. I searched the whole entire internet looking for "how to's" and watched a gazillion youtube videos on making these things. Now, that's a lot of googleing, people.

There's so much meticulous prep work that goes into making macaroons, and with my A-type personality I want them perfect the first time. ;P

They may not look pretty, but they sure tasted like a little piece of heaven.

Have any of you ever made macaroons? How did they turn out?  

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  1. I haven't ever tried making macaroons, and I think after hearing your story I'll be buying them at the store if I need any. :)

    Macaroon making sounds like a rather complicated ordeal. I'm also not confident in my hand mixer's ability to whip anything until it formed stiff peaks.

    I am also dreaming of the day I can be the proud owner of a Kitchenaid mixer. Those things seem to do it all!

  2. I commend you on making them three times, I bet I would have just given up after one!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I have never baked or tried macaroons, but I give you credit for trying 3 times!! They looked good though!! I also have a red Kitchenaid mixer. Love the color!

  4. I love macaroons. It took me a few attempts and a few different recipes before they worked for me. I use Martha Stewarts recipe.

  5. Sorry they didn't turn out as well as you'd like. To me, they look great!! I have always wanted to try making them myself too. I'm too chicken so I'll continue to buy them from the bakery! LOL!!

  6. Power to you for trying 3 times! That's up next on my list. Somehow my sister was able to master them, but I don't know how the heck she did it... So now it's my turn to try. I give you tons of credit for trying though since I've definitely been avoiding that on my list of 25 before 25.

  7. I once tried to make caramel for a croq en bouche for my sister's baby shower, I ruined several pot and burnt 4 batches before I burst into tears and my dad ran to the store for some caramel. It was heartbreaking. So I so that to say - I'm sure your macaroons still tasted delicious... my caramel? I can't say the same. Haha!

  8. Loved this post =) Even though they didn't turn out the way you wanted them too, I'm glad you shared your's good to know I'm not the only one that can attempt a recipe over and over again and still not be satisfied!! Although I can also make a recipe multiple times and get different results each time...ahhh!! =)

  9. I've always wanted to try and make these! My boss mentioned on monday that she's a bit of an expert at it! I think my friend Grace and I are going to temp her with the offers of wine if she'll come over and teach us :)

  10. I think they look delish! I'm sure you're enjoying that new kitchen :)

  11. hey there alisha! thanks so much for following me, i am happily returning the love!
    i have always wanted to try these because they are so pretty, im not a huge of their taste but my daughter loves them so i really should try one day. i wonder if the humidity in the air has anything to do with it? bt really, if they taste good thats all that matters right?!


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