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‘Night Shamu

So rarely do I ever bring electronics into the bedroom besides my iPhone. I'm the geek with loads of books on my night stand and magazines all over the bedroom floor.

But, last night I brought my laptop to bed to do some last minute blogging duties and download a few things while Brandon passed out beside me. 

As soon as I put down the laptop to get under the covers, Brandon is throwing him arms around me cuddling as tight as possible and says, "night Shamu." 

"Good night Shamu?" 

As nonchalantly as possible, "yeah, 'night Shamu." 

Good lord, my husband thinks I’m fat. 

I proceeded to ask him what's that supposed to mean? All I received was a few mmhmm's and hmmm?'s. I'm never gonna let him live this down.

Y’all, my husband talks in his sleep!!!


  1. OMG!! I would be mortified and jump up to get on the treadmill stat!! Haha!!!

  2. That is soooo funny! My hubby laughs in his sleep ;)

  3. LOL, thats too funny! Hey, I have a few couple books sitting on my night stand too! I'm always reading like five books at the same time. LOL. Happy St. Patties Day!

  4. OMG ALISHA!!!!!!!!! That is freaking HILARIOUS!!! I would be pissed. I probably would have hit him as hard as I could. Do not EVER let him live that down!!!!

    I am still chuckling.

  5. OH MY WORD, Hilarious! I love it, sleep talking always makes me giggle!

  6. HAHAHA. This is hilarious! What a funny name to come up with while you're asleep! What'd he say when you told him this?

  7. My husband talks in his sleep too! A couple of nights ago he lifted his head, looked all around our bedroom, and then he pointed behind me and goes "they're building a church over there behind you". I asked him if he remembered doing that... and he didn't haha!

    I have loads of books on/under/next to my nightstand too. Can't get enough books. (:

  8. OMG! That's too funny!

    I think talking in your sleep must be a guy thing, my boyfriend does it too sometimes. It's hilarious, because it never makes any sense!

  9. Hahahahaha!! Oh my gosh!! Girl, this made me die laughing!! What did he say when you told him the next morning??

  10. Hahha, I am the one who talks in their sleep in my relationships! Sometimes I'll even engage in conversations apparently. Freakin weird!!

  11. LOL! Alisha this is hilarious! Brandon sounds like me! I totally talk in my sleep and say the CRAZIEST things! You have to read my post "Hi My Name is Brandi and I Talk In My Sleep...Among Other Things" if you haven't already! It will crack you up! I've labeled it under the sleep category :)


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