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Stacy & DJ {Urban Style E-session}


Hello and happy day, dear friends! It's been one of those weeks over here. You know, those hell-of-a-crazy-weeks, so what better to help take your mind off all the craziness than some pretty pictures of a recent urban style shoot I did with Stacy and DJ. Back in April I got together with Stacy and DJ for round one with a more comfortable and relaxed country style e-session. This go around Stacy wanted a more modern and upscale feel. So I pulled up a few inspiration shoots, talked things over with Stacy, and we decided to shoot downtown San Antonio. There are so many great places to shoot when you're in an urban setting of a metropolitan area, and I really think we found some fabulous places: hemisphere plaza, sunset station, and the grand hyatt hotel.  

So, grab a glass of wine with me, sit back and relax and enjoy the gorgeous lighting, fabulous pops of color, and the sweet love between one super fab couple. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


  1. fun photos. she's got some SERIOUS shoes! :)
    all is see is broken ankles lol

  2. Ummm... how cute are they?! I'd have to agree with you about an urban setting being a great place to shoot. My husband and I had our engagement pics shot in downtown Denver, and there were so many neat little places that served as great backdrops!

    I really like those last 3 photos you posted. (:

  3. The pictures are great! I love the bright colored dress. It photographed beautifully :)

  4. They seem like a very bright and fun couple and you captured that beautifully. I'm shooting some engagements soon and I'm excited to try some new things. I love the idea of talking with and sharing ideas with your clients.


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