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How You Found My Blog

So, I'm sure a number of you use Google Analytics to track the statistics, pageviews, and referring links on your blog. Well, have you ever really paid attention to the keyword searches that actually lead people to your blog?? It's rather quite funny to see what people and some creepers are searching for these days. I'm pretty sure the people at Google are laughing their aces off when they come across these searches. Ha!

"Brandon Belts Wife"
Bwahahaha! Someone's been reading too much of Fifty Shades of Grey. Brandon and I are not that big on BDSM or D/s relationships, but the fact that someone actually typed this in gets me the most. Guess they thought I needed a good hard spanking. ;P

"DIY Hunger Games Decorations"
Anything Hunger Games gets me all giddy, and I love that other people geek out over it too. Check out this post for all things Hunger Games and DIY party decorations.   

"Awesome Couples"
Well, this one's a no brainer, of course. Ha! I'm quite flattered that Google put my blog in this search query. 

"Dryer Sheets" 
I seriously doubt they found what they were looking for here. I wonder though...bounce or gain? ;P

"Things About Love"
Ah love. What is love? It's those first-time feelings you feel before all that other bad stuff gets in the way. No wait, that's just life. 

"Best Cake Ball Recipe"
Damn straight. My recipe is the best. Glad you think so too. Best cake ball recipe EVER. Bam. 

Happy day to you, friends! xo


  1. Haha my search keywords are always the weirdest things!

  2. I love seeing other people's search keywords!
    Also, if it makes you feel better... Brandon Belt plays for the SF Giants ;)

  3. Okay, Brandon belts wife has me giggling! That's too funny. I find some very curious keywords that lead people to my blog too. Crazy!

    Awesome couples... that one is a no brainer! (:

    Oh... and the dryer sheets. We use Bounce.

  4. These are always so funny! Great commentary :)


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