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Mom Knows Best!!

3 days until Christmas!! (just in case you forgot) ;P

Well dearies, if you follow me on twitter (which you all should, I'm really awesome), you probably found out that yesterday was not a good day AT ALL. Being sick is definitely misery - fever, nausea, diarrhea. GROSS. So what does any respectable human being do when they're sick?! Call their mom of course!! Duh! ;) Mom always knows just what to do.

On my way to work yesterday, I called my mom whining and complaining. I asked her what to do with all my symptoms. She responded back, in her loving tone, drink lots of clear fluids, take pepto bismol (lifesaver by the way!), and CALL. IN. SICK. She reminded me of one of my rant posts here. She's always looking out for my best interest! Such a great mom.

Ok, fine.

So, I took her advice, called in sick, and turned around to go home. 

After laying lifeless on the couch, for what seemed like forever, I thought I was well enough to meet my aunt for lunch and do some last minute Christmas shopping. Boy, was I wrong. Please don't second guess yourself when you're sick. It just makes things worse. Ugh... 

Now, shopping will have to wait until tonight. Although, not 100%, but better than yesterday. I still have so much to do and with only 3 days left to get everything done, I'll probably end up sick again come Christmas morning... Boooo!!

Anyway. Thank you Mom for all your wisdom and wonderful advice. You always know just what to say and do at any given moment. I hope, one day, to be at least half the mom you are when I have kids of my own. I love you!! :)

Here's to you Mom!

Happy Wednesday everyone!



  1. Mom definitely always knows best! You need to REST!! Hope you get to feeling 100% better!! Merry Christmas, Alisha!

  2. great photos!
    have a lovely christmas :)
    amber xx


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