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Sharing is {not} Caring...

You're always told as a little kid growing up that sharing is caring and that sharing is what good little boys and girls do...

Well, I beg to differ with the person who coined this phrase. Sharing is not caring when others get me sick from the awfully disgusting viral infections they have. The human body is disgusting. Please people, please, stay home if you are sick. You are a walking viral plague when you come to work sick, especially when you are contagious. Yuck!

Two people called in sick today, and two people came to work sick (both were throwing up). One was sent home and the other stayed. Super glad my office is on the opposite side of the building from them. 

I use hand sanitizer as often as I can; the easiest way to contract germs is through your hands. You use your hands for everything...  I love me some germ-x!! It keeps my hands free from germs - hate those little guys. So, my little commercial pitch to you: use germ-x or any hand sanitizer of your choice to keep those nasty germies away!

That's all.


  1. Oh my gosh, my husband is SUCH a germaphobe (don't know how to spell that), and since being married to him, I've kind of become one too. Ya know what's the worst?? Airplanes. OMG. They are disgusting, and there is ALWAYS someone coughing and hacking somewhere around me. Grody!!!


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