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Apologies for Holding out on YOU!!

I'm sorry a million times over. I have been holding out on you dearies, and I don't have an explanation. Well, other than the past couple of months have been crazy, stressful, yet fun altogether. 

I gave you a sneak peak here and promised I would share more when I had the opportunity. I'm sorry for stalling and making you wait SO long for these. So, without further adieu...

The dress.


Well, ladies and few gents, there you have it! A few pictures from my bridal session. 

I was so fortunate to have my mother's friend, Bob Stickney, take my pictures. And even more fortunate that this was his first bridal session, which he offered to do pro bono!! Thank you so much Bob for helping me capture memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Mom and Timpy for helping me get some great pictures and making me look beautiful! Love you :)

All photos are subject to copyright and cannot be used without permission of Bob Stickney Photography.  

Next up, wedding and honeymoon pictures as soon as I get those back from the photographers! And I promise, I won't hold out on you. I'll post them as soon as I get them in! 

Happy Friday everyone!! 


  1. Gorgeous! Hope your wedding was as beautiful as you are, darling. Can't wait to see more. :)


  2. You look beautiful!! Such great photos & free too.. you got lucky!

  3.! And they are amazing!! Great job!! I love the pink shoes! I did the same thing! : ) You look gorgeous!

  4. STUNNING Alisha!! I really adore that ruffle on the neckline of your dress. Can't wait to see more pics from the wedding!

  5. Such gorgeous photos! And free? Amazing! I love your dress...the ruffles are so pretty.

  6. You look so beautiful! Ruffles are my fave, and that dress is incredible :)

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment! I see your a newly wed!!! CONGRATS!!!! <333

  8. I absolutely love your dress! gorgeous!


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