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Post-baby: Snacking Healthy

After having Cadence I seemed to drop that unforgiving baby weight quite fast, all of the last 10lbs. So to combat those last stubborn 10lbs, Brandon and I are trying to cook better meals, eat healthier snacks and in well, just get back on track. I mean, pregnancy cravings can do a number on your wallet and figure, and I wasn't the only one to put on a little weight during my pregnancy. Ahem, Brandon!

So to help keep us on track, I'm buying healthier snacks like nuts, hard cheeses and fruit. And after doing some research and reading a little up on Paleo, nuts are actually really good for you. Hey, it's the little victories!

My favorite are almonds, but for Brandon's sweet tooth I have to cave and splurge on jordan almonds and dark chocolate covered almonds for him. Almonds are the perfect little snack. You can grab just a few, a hand full or the whole bag and not feel the least bit guilty. Lately, I've been looking up recipes on Pinterest for almonds, and the easiest way to add in to your diet is adding chopped almonds in your salads along with granola. Talk about delicious flavor! I also found these almond, coconut and chocolate chip cookies, and I can't wait to try them! Mmm, Mmm.

Some fun facts for ya: Almonds can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, they're considered the most nutritional-dense nut, meaning they offer the most overall nutrients per calorie per ounze. Almonds are also a good source of fiber, calcium, iron, vitamins E, riboflavin, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese. :)


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