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Waiting Patiently for #BabyC to arrive

For first time moms it's a whole different journey. It's a learning process. For you, your body, your spouse and the baby to be born. Everything is so new and different. It has that "never-been-worn-before-new-car-smell" all over it. Your body, uterus, cervix all have no idea what's going on and how they are supposed to perform when it comes down to show time. That's why you always hear about first time moms being in labor for 15, 24, and some even endure 36 hours of labor. 

It's like trying to get a group of 4-year olds to dance at a dance recital without a dress rehearsal or weeks of practice beforehand. It just doesn't happen. You've got one little girl off to the side throwing a fit and crying because she wants her mommy, one girl who is spinning around like a toy top about to make herself throw up and one girl who's all smiles because she's been bribed with chocolate or ice cream. But still, none of them are in sync with each other or know what they're supposed to be doing.

And that's how it is trying to get your body to work together as a unit to push a baby out of an orifice you didn't think was big enough to put a tampon in.

The no-fun-only-liquids breakfast meal

It's a test of your strength and patience waiting for everything to magically fall into place. And that's where we are now. Waiting. Patiently. 

We had our weekly doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and the doctor asked if we wanted to try inducing that night. We talked about our options, and finally decided that being 39weeks 2days was a good time try and to go in to the hospital that night. After checking in through the ER entrance at 8pm, we were greeted with the very funny night nurse, Carolyn. She had me laughing from the beginning, and I probably would've been rolling on the floor if not for this basketball size belly that constantly gets in the way. Such an inconvenience! ;P

She got me all set with a Lidocaine shot (which surprisingly hurt worse than the needle prick itself) and IV with fluids, baby and contraction monitors and blood pressure cuff. About 45minutes later she started a 4-round dose of vaginal suppositories that had to be inserted every 4 hours. Sleeping in a hospital is never comfortable, but when you're being woken up every 4 hours through the night, it's even worse. Especially when you're ladies parts are being poked and prodded to check for any progress.

Brandon was such a sweetheart and trooper to stay with me the entire time. Poor guy even slept on the most uncomfortable couch known to man and somehow wasn't a grump the next day. Love that man!

I had my last 4-round dose at 9am on Wednesday morning, and we waited around till 1pm for my doctor to come to the room to check me again. Talk about painful! I swear she had her entire arm up inside of me. Disappointing news - I still hadn't moved passed 1cm. Good news - my cervix had started thinning like it's supposed to. The biggest side-effect she was worried about was that the suppositories had caused my contractions to come in every other minute, which in her mind was too close together to start me on Pitocin and didn't want to stress the baby.

We talked about more options with my doc, but in the end decided to wait for the contractions to slow down and then go home to rest. She wants us to come back on Easter Sunday to start this process all over again if nothing happens on it's own between now and then. So, here we are waiting. 

This is the kind of game that leaves you anxiously waiting at half time with no prize in sight because you've been sent home from the hospital because you haven't progressed passed 1cm.

Our sweet little baby is already as stubborn as her mother. Watch out, people! You've been warned. ;)