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The 5 o'clock Club

Next month will mark a full year that I've been hitting the gym consistently, and six months now for Brandon. I am so incredibly proud of us. It really is so easy to hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off at 5am, then again at 5:15am. Trust me, we've done it a number of times. We haven't been perfect. There are a few days where we haven't made the gym at all.

Lately though, we've even been trying out 2-a-days, and man, are those killer. Talk about tough on your body. We've got our workout in and done by 6:30am, and we're crazy enough to do it all over again at 6pm after work ha!

But let me tell you, working out like this has definitely been paying off. Brandon is down 20 lbs, and though I haven't lost but maybe 5 lbs I'm replacing fat with muscle. I can really tell in my jeans. When we're working out this much we can't help but want to eat healthy. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, salads for lunch, and chicken breasts and veggies for dinner. I can't even tell you the last time I had a burger and fries. We really don't crave it as much. But that doesn't mean I won't splurge every now and then. I mean c'mon, July 4th is next weekend!!

For all you other workout enthusiasts, what are your favorite go-to healthy meals for dinner?