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Town Square Cafe, Bay City, TX

If you ever find yourself traveling through or, in the rare occasion staying in, Bay City, one place you'll have to stop in and check out is the town square cafe which coincidently is named Town Square Cafe. It's on the square in Bay City across from the courthouse (but whatever you do, don't call the square "downtown"). I made that mistake only once. Lesson learned. ;P

Bay City is a short 30 minute drive from the beach, and about an hour southwest of Houston. And what we don't have in shopping centers and malls we make up for in great restaurants and delicious food. Great wait-staff, fast service and melt-in-your-mouth really good food!

Brandon and I eat quite regularly at the Cafe, and so do a lot of our other friends. My friend, Amberly and I eat there at least once a week to get our fix of their avocado grilled chicken sandwich with jalepeno/cheese bun! AND their sweet potato fries! You HAVE to try their sweet potato fries. To die for. I'm drooling now just thinking about 'em.

Dangit, now I have to go there for lunch today!!