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Thursday Night Tradition // Victor's Tacos, Bay City

This is the third time we've eaten Victor's Tacos, and each time we've left with empty wallets and full bellies. Victor's Tacos truck is only in Bay City on Thursdays, so when we get the chance to indulge in greasy, delicious, spicy tacos it's an awesome night in my book! We're seriously thinking about making this a new Thursday night tradition. Their chicken and beef fajita tacos are by far my favorite! And OoohEmmmGee, their salsa is to die for. Man, I need that recipe! Doubt he'd give it to me though. Something to do with family secret recipes or something ha! 

Either way, I can't wait for next week Thursday!! You know where to find us! ;P


  1. Do you know where they have gone? Havent seen them the last few weeks


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