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Thoughts on Clean Eating

Well, it's no eggs Benedict  but a homemade bacon and egg English muffin sandwich is the closest thing to it in our house. Brandon and I really striving for more clean eating and that does not include fast food anymore. 

Clean eating 101 if you will, is better explained here. Brandon and I aren't very keen on going completely paleo, but we are wanting to get rid of all the bad toxins that our bodies that have built up from eating all the bad crap we've been putting in it. We're not so much on losing weight, just the fact of eating better. So now I'm on to finding better recipes and shopping better at grocery store.  

The first recipe I've made was this quick homemade Egg McMuffin (which is so much better for you than the ones you get at McDonald's! :) 

English Muffin (I buy Thomas' Whole Grain) - 120 calories 
1 Slice of Cheese - 
1 Large Egg - 
2 Slices of Bacon -

Total Calories: 

Heat a medium skillet to low-medium heat. Cook bacon strips till done. Then cook the egg with an egg ring to get a circular egg; salt and pepper to taste the egg while cooking. I love frying my eggs in the left over bacon grease. Toast an English muffin in a toaster. Place cheese on hot toasted muffin to melt. Then place hot bacon and egg on muffin to complete the sandwich. Serve and enjoy!!


  1. Yummy! We are trying to eat cleaner, and this looks like something that is doable!

  2. Eating clean is so worth it! Love your blog


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