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Love is all Around Today

Today I'm spending the day with Brandon. 

I'm so thankful my boss truly believes in family first!!

Brandon and I drove to Katy this morning to go the Berkley Eye Center where he had Lasik eye surgery on his eyes. To be honest, I was a little nervous yesterday trying to get all of his paperwork together and make sure he had all of his prescription eye drops filled. It's crazy how quickly the roles changed this morning, when I knew Brandon was nervous and maybe even a little scared, I turned super-wife mode right on - reassuring him that everything would be fine and telling him he would be in-and-out in no time. 

Sure enough, he was. 

Less than 45 minutes actually.

The optometrists and nurses were so kind and helpful. One of them was even an Aggie too.

I got to sit in the viewing room and got to see everything the doctor did on Brandon's eye from the laser suction, to the doctors cutting his cornea open. My tour guide, Dr. Garrett, was so informative and thorough explaining every little detail that Dr. Doe preformed.

Brandon has to wear safely goggles for the rest of the day just to be sure he doesn't get any dust, dirt, grime or well, stick his finger in his eyes just for the hell of it ha! So our Valentine's festivities will be limited to staying in tonight.

We go back to Katy tomorrow for a check up and to see how the healing process is coming along. More updates tomorrow!!

Oh and PS, Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friends!
Love you all dearly. <3 br="">


  1. I'm so glad to hear that everything went well for him and I hope that his check up went well. It's kind of funny...even though I don't know anything about Berkley Eye Center or the doctors there, I loved seeing you say you were in Katy since I grew up there! I miss it so much!


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