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New Traditions #ElfontheShelf

Happy December, y'all!
Welcome back from the long weekend, I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Seeing my family was just what I needed. However, eating insane amounts of food, and leftovers, then shopping till we dropped was not. Passing out on the couch was a must after the hours of shopping on Friday and Saturday. 

During my shopping extravaganza I came across Elf on the Shelf! 
Everyone, Pepper. Pepper, everyone! 

My mother-in-law was probably the first person I knew to get Elf on the Shelf last year, then it seemed like everyone else was on board too. I felt like I was missing out on all the fun. Well, about half way through December I really wanted to start the tradition then Christmas came and went, and I forgot all about it. So, this year I'm a little late to the party (what else is new?), but I'm starting a new tradition for our family. Even though we don't have kids for the Elf to watch, I figured Pepper could keep an eye on Brandon. ;) 

Who else has an Elf on the Shelf in their home?!  



  1. We sell the Elf on the Shelf where I work and they sell like CRAZY! Definitely a fun tradition to start and I love that he has become a part of your household even without kids!


  2. I would have the Elf on the Shelf without kids too. Such a cute idea!!

  3. :) We've been doing the elf on the shelf for 3 years now...My son loved that elf sooo much the first year he never went back to the north pole after that first Christmas...he lives with us year round and up until last year that thing went everywhere with my son! Thankfully he's only active during December :) Have fun with yours!


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