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Cinderella Pumpkins

I seriously didn't know such a thing existed. I mean, someone actually named a pumpkin after one of my favorite fairytale princesses - Cinderella pumpkins!! How cool is that?! These are, by far, my new favorite type of pumpkin! And just look at their shape. They look just like the stagecoach Cinderella road in. Even though some are a little rough around the edges, beat up and bruised, I that's what makes them unique. There's nothing wrong with a little character, right?!

Last night we celebrated our neighbor's 60th birthday with chips and queso, chili dogs and a pumpkin carving. Nothing like last minute pumpkin carving on the day before halloween. But it really doesn't get much better than being with family and good company to celebrate your birthday.  

Cheers to all you moms and dads out there gearing up for some trick-or-treating tonight. Have fun going door to door begging for candy then eating all the candy you want by claiming a candy tax ha!! Speaking of candy, I could really go for some caramel squares and a snickers bar. Now, who's up for sending this girl some chocolate? ;P

Happy Thursday, friends!!