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Another Wedding & Great Friends

Remember, you don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.


Brandon and I really do have some of the greatest friends!! 

Friday night our friends, Amberly and Scott, took us out to dinner at a new restaurant we've never been to before down in Matagorda. Spoonbill's is run by a talented and very sweet couple, Chef Edie and Tommy  Pruitt.  And the dinner we had was beyond anything we've ever tasted. So delicious, moist and incredibly flavorful. B had the ribeye steak with mashed potatoes, and I had the nut crusted fish. It was seriously the best fish I've had, like ever.

Then Saturday night we went to Andrew and Sarah's wedding with our friends Kristin and Charles. Where they had a photo booth!! Wish I would've thought to have one of those at my wedding. Dangit. Can I just get married all over again? Puuuuuuhhhhllease!!! Thank you Kristin for dragging my happy butt to that photo booth! You got a pretty face ha! Such great memories.

Here's to many more great times with awesome friends and more of our friends getting married!!