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#TxSC13 High School Prom

 photo IMG_1926-33_zpsbfe9fe14.jpg  photo IMG_1928-35_zps83e21a1b.jpg
Dress: upcycled bridesmaid dress; Necklace: Charming Charlie; Earrings: gifted

Saturday night at Prom was probably my favorite part of Texas Style Council! And unlike my own high school prom, I didn't leave crying my eyeballs out because my date wouldn't dance with me or wake up with the world's ugliest hangover the next day. Oh high school drama, gotta love it.

Honestly I almost didn't make it to Prom at TxSC. Brandon was blowing up my phone bribing me to come home with texts of putting the boat out in the water and mind blowing sex. That boy really knows how to turn a girl on, I mean c'mon with this Texas heat who wouldn't want to be out on the water wake boarding it up?! You thought I was going to give you details about our "mind blowing" sex life didn't you? Ha, you were wrong. How weird for you. ;)

In the end I turned down what was probably a really good offer, but I'm so glad I did. Prom was lined wall to wall with fabulous brands that I absolutely fell in love with. The reps from Ruche, Lulu's, Yoked and Luxe7 were absolute dolls to meet and get to know. I was so fortunate to be able to meet with these and other awesome brands and the even more awesome ladies behind the scenes! I'm so looking forward to working with some of them in the future!!
 photo 1012878_699556653394691_1230863401_n_zps67decd45.jpg
 photo promcollage-5_zps7abe126a.jpg  photo Lulusimage_zps69110f83.jpg  photo IMG_1957-48_zpsf6f47b41.jpg  photo IMG_1958-49_zpsf689b014.jpg  photo IMG_1949-42_zpsa20821ad.jpg  photo img_collage-3_zps2c29378e.jpg
 photo IMG_1977-53_zps2275bf2d.jpg


  1. Beautiful dress! Really love the neckline!
    Gorgeous necklace too!

  2. What an awesome get together...looks like everyone had such a fun time. You look so pretty. :)


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