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Texas Spice - Dallas, TX

Have you ever been to a restaurant that you had such a great experience at (fabulous service, delicious food, and awesome decor) that you wanted to go back for your next meal? Well that's exactly how Texas Spice was last week for me. I was in Dallas last week for a work trip and it always turns out that on work trips you go to the best restaurants. We had the breakfast buffet, and it was beyond delicious. And even though I wobbled out of there miserably stuffed I was chomping at the bit to go back for lunch and dinner!

The restaurant is actually located inside the Omni Hotel, but it's definitely worth the trip and the valet splurge. They have cook to order omelets and Texas shaped waffles, fresh farm-to-market fruit, eggs, the best French toast known to mankind and even gluten free options.  

 photo TexasSpice-2_zpsd163c382.jpg  photo TexasSpice-1_zpseca26e36.jpg
 photo TexasSpice-3_zps6e2f1f97.jpg  photo TexasSpice-4_zps4b9415df.jpg  photo TexasSpice-5_zps8535b5eb.jpg  photo TexasSpice-6_zps7a9d8028.jpg
 photo TexasSpice-7_zps71eb4f0d.jpg  photo TexasSpice-8_zpsdfe5452f.jpg  photo TexasSpice-9_zps56cccc06.jpg
I'm a sucker for exposed brick walls
 photo TexasSpice-10_zpsd95985ab.jpg  photo TexasSpice-11_zps9813366e.jpg


  1. I've been to Dallas only like once and for a few hours. I will definitely try to check this restaurant out when I go again!

  2. This place looks amazing! I LOVE the decor! So cool!


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