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Be Original & other things I learned at #TxSC13

After Friday night's swap sponsored by Lulu's, (which was so much fun by the way, I walked away with two of the most adorable dresses), I met up with a few friends to hang out on 2nd Street District. And to get out of the sweltering heat we grabbed a sweet tea and the best tap water on earth from Jo's where we planned out the rest of our weekend.

Saturday and Sunday were all about networking and learning from the fabulous speakers they had lined up so I wanted to be sure I had my A-game on. Saturday morning's classes started off with Jenni of Story of My Life with Life Blogging 101 (and boy, she blew that out of the water; so proud of that girl!!). A few other great speakers were Jessie of Style & Pepper, Amber of rewardStyle, Julie Edmonson, Mattie of Mattieologie and Camille of Camille Styles.

Some reoccurring themes throughout the weekend were having original content, being genuine to yourself and your blog and learning to collaborate with brands and other bloggers. Have you guys heard of Yoked?!? It's for bloggers and brands! If you're interested in working with brands (now or in the future), showing off their products, and possibly getting free swag, then you've got to get signed up with Yoked!

So there's nothing more original than being yourself, right?! After all there's no one else in the world like you. You are one of a kind, so why not own that? Show the world what they're missing by not having you in their circle. Be your original, authentic self. Don't fluff up your story because people can see right through you.

Mattie was on fire in her Blogging Colorful session! I'm so glad I chose her class. She was so inspiring, uplifting and had way too many great quotes to keep track of. :)

Here are a few of my favorites:
"Our differences make us all the same" - Mattie
"Stop using your differences as defeats." - Mattie
"Find your voice, but maintain your voice." - Mattie (Don't let other people influence you if you know that's not who you really are.)
"Preparation + Opportunity = Success" - Mattie. (Be ready for whatever comes your way.)
And last, but not least: "Accept your differences; Act on your strengths; Accelerate your blog!" - Mattie

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  1. Seriously. I was blown away by that weekend. You're right, Jenni rocked it - and the amount of quotes I have from Mattie written down is ridiculous. It was great meeting you!!


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