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Letting Go

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Matagorda beach

Control. That word and I, boy do we clash sometimes.

There are so many times that I just hate not having control. Control over situations, people, plans, and my day. As much as I would like to control everything, it just isn't possible. Now don't get me wrong, I don't wear the pants in our family, but I do like to plan things out. And if they're planned out I love it when things follow along those set plans. 

But throw a hiccup in the mix and I'm a little bit spastic for a hot minute until I get my bearings. 

It's been a long road coming, but I've finally learned to let go a little more each time. Trying to control people and every flipping situation around me just makes me selfish. And well just plain hard. 

Whenever we give God complete control, our joy increases and we can enter His rest. When people make mistakes (or don't follow your set plans), don't make them feel rejected, but go the extra mile to make them feel forgiven, accepted and free. :)

Relax. Loosen up a bit. And just let go!

Proclaim liberty, and give everyone around you the gift of freedom. 


  1. This is right were i'm at with letting go of the control...Glad you posted in such a simple way :)


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