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Goodbye, Google Reader

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So with all the hype and worry built up around Google saying goodbye to Google Reader tomorrow, and the email I just got from Bloglovin (thanks guys!) telling me to make sure I let my readers know how to follow my blog, I wanted to do a little bit more research about GFC (google friend connect).

Is that going away too? 

Well, not that I can tell. At least not yet. (They may in the future..Who knows?)

When you click on the 'follow' or 'join this site' button, that blog is added to your Blogger reading list. Blogger reading list also runs GFC. Blogger reading list and Google Reader are two separate things. Google Reader is the place that you follow blogs via RSS.

I don't know where the rumor started that google friend connect was going away too, but as far as I can find it's here to stay. But, if you're still worried about losing the blogs you follow here is a great tutorial on transferring your blogs to Bloglovin. :)

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Google Reading List, also runs GFC.



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