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Go Big or Go Home

After spending the weekend on the water jumping wakes, defying death and broken bones and well, just getting out of the water in general we're having a hard time recovering over here. We're nursing sore muscles, bruises and whole body aches. I don't think I've ever been this sore. I mean, it's killer just to sit down to pee and get out of bed. Dang you, abs and quads. 

And now I'm off to bribe Brandon for a message.

 photo IMG_0079-7_zpseb8c16fb.jpg  photo IMG_0056-5_zpsd7a69082.jpg  photo IMG_0053-4_zps0bd9e1f2.jpg  photo IMG_0015-2_zpse0aeb811.jpg photo IMG_9996-1_zps2faadf16.jpg  photo IMG_0064-6_zpsf0d99eb1.jpg  photo river_collage_zpsbc4538ae.jpg  photo IMG_0142-10_zps607c665d.jpg


  1. Oh boy that looks like so much fun, but I can see where you would be hurting. I've been wakeboarding a couple times and always ended up in pain. :)

    Your pictures make me wish I could get out on the water. I love the lake!


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