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What makes me Uncomfortable

 photo IMG_6785_zps0809efd8.jpg

Yes, that would be a cow's va-jayjay. 

I'm proud of Brandon's sister for taking a shot at palpating a cow, but girl, I wouldn't be caught dead sticking my arm up the nether region of a cow or any other animal for that matter. I said I would, but it was all a lie. Don't tell anyone though. It's our little secret. 

Now I obviously can't post a picture of human pap-smear here because one, that would be border line porn, and two, that's just plain awkward. But those things are definitely at the top of my list of things that make me uncomforatble. I mean, how are you supposed to relax when the doctor's face and hands are down there putting pressure where it's not supposed to go? I'm pretty sure the cow didnt like it either! And don't even get me started on the things that happen when you have a baby. Yeah, yeah I know it's the most miraculous thing to give birth, but c'mon. Human bodily functions are just plain gross. 

One thing's for sure, I'll be getting an enema when we have a baby. ;P    

What makes you uncomfortable? 


  1. Hahaaa, yeah. That would make me pretty uncomfortable too. You know what's funny, my brother-in-law lost his wedding band inside of a cow. Yup. You wouldn't catch me sticking my hand inside of any animals either. I gotta go.... I'm feeling all creepy crawly now. ;-)

  2. Pretty much anything about birth, pregnancy and bodies makes me uncomfortable. shudder


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