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Ten Things

Day 14 of this challenge is all about things that make you happy. Ten things specifically. But how do you narrow down the things in this world that make you the happiest to just ten things? Hmm….well, let's start somewhere and see how many I end up with.

 photo Homstead-8_zps14e83186.jpg

1. Vintage finds either handcrafted or just plain old junk like books, hymnals, and cameras.
2. The smell of fresh cut grass.
3. A comfortable bed and clean sheets. There's nothing worse than waking up in a crabby mood because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Literally.
4. Pushing my limits to see how much I can accomplish.

 photo IMG_6898_zpscbb378df.jpg

5. Eating healthy. Even if the salad is bigger than my head.
6. Listening to old folks reminisce and tell stories of their younger years.
7. Cuddling. Need I say more?

 photo IMG_1007-4.jpg

8. Astro. I post too many pictures of this dog, said no dog owner ever!
9. Soaking up the sun and being out on the water.
10. And of course, my daily cup of jo! Though, I think that one is implied. ;)


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