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Springtime Gardening

Happy Thursday friends! So, here goes day 2 of Blog Every Day in May challenge. Have you liked up with Jenni yet? Today's topic is to educate you on something…so, you want to be educated on spring gardening do ya? 

 photo gardenimage_zpsf5d0c15e.jpg

I'm kind of a nerdy snob when it comes to all things plants, trees and gardening. I can rattle off common names and even scientific names of plants. At one time I could even tell you what family and order each plant falls under. Remember the taxonomy stuff you did in biology? Yeah that's what I did in college all. the. time. and I actually enjoyed it ha! I'm weird, I know. My husband tells me all the time ;P

I studied horticulture and landscape design in college. I've worked for a design firm, and wholesale and retail nurseries. So when it comes to gardening and plants I'm pretty much a boss! Especially on things like when to prep your garden and what mulch or soils to use, to finally planting each plant. This year I started quite a few things from seed and transplanted them into my garden. I've got tomatoes, onions, chives, peppers and cucumbers. The onions are almost ready, and I'm pretty darn excited about them! I can't wait to can my cucumbers this year too. This girl's a big fan of pickles!

Oh and just for fun, a quick lesson on scientific names. Yeah, have fun pronouncing those bad boys ha!
Onions - Allium spp
Chives - Allium schoenoprasum
Tomato - Solanum lycopersicum
Bell Pepper - Capsicum annuum
Cucumbers - Cucumis sativus


  1. Ha I love it! I remember learning scientific names for plants during a high school water ecology class... and I can still remember the scientific name for seaweed. Hehe.

    Can you tell me why my tiny tomato plant died last year? ;) I have no idea how to make those stupid things grow.... but my basil did well. It must be tough to kill.

  2. You and I both went on the gardening route!

  3. Wow I'm impressed. I also studied horticulture, but can I remember ANYTHING from it?? Nope. You must live in a little warmer climate because I don't dare plant my garden until the end of May. It looks awesome!

  4. I love gardening...but last year we did some container gardening and a storm came up one day and just like knocked everything after that I was like ok Im done with patio gardening...I am new to your site, just started following you. Would love for you to stop by and check out my site and a followback:


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