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My Character

Today is day four of the Blog Every Day in May challenge, and today's post is your favorite quote. I thought about this one long and hard y'all, but there was one that kept coming back to me. It's nothing profound or anything, but I really see a lot of truth in it. Short and sweet and to the point. 

I was 16 when my sister told me this. I was prepping to get my driver's license, and I didn't use my blinker making a turn. There wasn't anyone behind me! I snorted back. It's doesn't matter, character is who you are when no one is watching she snapped. 

She couldn't have been more right. This quote keeps me on my toes and puts a little pressure on my conscience. It's not all about what you do when you're on stage or in front of people. That's the time you want to impress and are on your best behavior. It's truly when you're behind closed doors that you're your true self. And this would be yours truly showing off my true colors - goofy, dumb, retarded and down right real. I've got real character, people! You're welcome. ;)

Happy Saturday, friends!

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  1. You are a character... with character. hehe That is so true. I think what you do when no one is watching speaks mountains of your character. I'm usually not that impressed when people feel the need to broadcast all the "good" things they do. Actions speak louder than words. :)

  2. What a great quote! Though maybe it's the Californian in me, but I only use my blinkers like 50% of the time... haha... and I'd say it's the same there! :) But that's whether or not anyone is around!!! :)

  3. This post made me laugh out loud! Great stuff.

  4. Sounds like a good sister's advice to me!


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