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Love and Marriage

Oh love. There's so much to be said about it, and for day 8 of Blog Every Day in May I wanted to give y'all just a tiny bit of advice. I'm not an expert in love, marriage counseling, or an expert in anything really, all I have are my own personal experiences

But this little tidbit is for those of you planning a wedding, and may even be for those of you who are already married. Something I learned when planning my own wedding, no matter what happens at the end of your wedding day a marriage begins. No matter if the wrong cake topper was put on, or one of your bridesmaid's backs out on you at the last minute, or your best friend is no where to be found during all the planning. None of it matters. 

None of it mattered because at the end of the day Brandon and I were married, and it's the two of us who have to be there for each other. It's us who go through the valleys and mountains together. We have to be there for one another when times are tough and when life gets hard. All that wedding stuff won't matter in the years to come. 

Don't sweat the small stuff on your big day. Enjoy it and remember it's about two people coming together as one. 

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  1. Well said! It's so easy getting caught up in every little detail of a wedding, but that isn't what's truly important.


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