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A Typical Day in my Life

Wow, day 15 in this Blog Every Day in May challenge! We're halfway there, peeps. Way to go. Today's post is a typical day in my life. Which in all honesty is a complete understatement. My days are never typical. Seriously, they're not. Every day is different and leads to so many new opportunities, and for that I'm incredibly thankful.     

 photo 0A104323-A04A-4961-B252-23ADA3358AFE-10924-00000E167EBE35B3_zpsc3b47f92-1_zpsa5be84f7.jpg

World's biggest caffeine addict right here. This girl's gotta have her coffee! 
I've never been one who's big on breakfast, but when I do, it's fruit or yogurt.  

 photo IMG_6747-1_zps6a11b34f.jpg

After I've had one, sometimes two, cups of coffee I make my bed with Brandon still in it. Something my mom said to me when I was younger about making your bed before you leave the house has stuck with me. 

 photo 1BD5E579-4BEB-4EFB-A1B0-8B0FCC212D26-10924-00000E12D16B3F78_zpsbd6b96a2.jpg

I feed and take care of this sweet boy! Love him to pieces. 
Seriously, he's the best dog I've ever had, and I don't know what I'm going to do when he leaves me. 

 photo 86F394A3-D50C-4DDD-AA57-AAFCE27494B4-10924-00000E137DD77482_zpsb5a0e18c.jpg

Then it's off to work selling soil for these beauties. 

 photo gardenimage_zpsf5d0c15e.jpg

After work, here recently you'll find me in my garden pulling weeds. I swear it's full proof therapy ;P 

 photo IMG_4480-1.jpg

Wine. Oh, wine. It really is a girl's best friend. 

 photo IMAGE-17_zpsba954d5d.jpg

And finally, before bed I'm either laying on the couch or sitting at my desk pounding out a blog post late into the night for the next day. 

 photo 343C01DB-4C48-4B93-B23D-B1C4F6731EE9-6592-000008E73CE57C3E_zps39e0f551.jpg

We couldn't have splurged on a better thing in our house. I love, love, love my bathtub!

 photo IMG_0227.jpg

Then it's time to call it a night and love on this handsome fella. Love you, babe. Muah. 


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