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Where all the Magic Happens

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Not that type of magic, silly. No, that goes on in the bedroom. ;P The magic I'm talking about is where all my random thoughts, incomplete sentences, half ass ideas, picture edits/uploads and emailing all come together to make this blog what it is and what you see on your end of the screen. I know it's nothing elaborate, but it's the place I sit down at, just be and get-in-the-zone, kind of to pound out a blog post.

My favorite thing on this desk is the picture I have framed of my Pappaw reading his bible. That's definitely the best memory hands down that I have of him. Sure do miss him, but I can't wait until I see him again in Heaven.

Where do you blog from? What are some of your favorite things from your space? 

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  1. I usually blog from my couch. I seem to blog early mornings with my coffee. Def not as cute as your space though!

  2. i blog all throughout the house, haha i definitely need a space all of my own. i blog on our bed, i blog in the office but on the couch while watching tv i blog downstairs on our other set of couches. i need to find a cute desk like yours

  3. I love seeing your beautiful space! Your camera print is cute, where did you get that? That picture of your Grandpa is so sweet. What a nice memory to have by you each day.

    The favorite things about my little computer space are my wedding bouquet that sit in a glass vase and a small watercolor print of the Coronado Hotel that I bought on a vacation to San Diego. I love having little memories of happy times all around me. It sounds like you do too! :)

  4. I usually blog from my kitchen table, nothing too fancy, but it works!

  5. This is a beautiful little work space =) I am actually trying to dream up a spot like this for m little apartment...a few thrifting adventures are going to be called for I think =) So thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. When we moved into our house in GA (we aren't there now) I looked for a desk forever...alas I settled for a $20 garage find but I'll find something like this and make it my nook. This is super cute!

  7. most likely I'm blogging from my couch corner, not very exciting haha.

    On Friday I am going to host an SEC bloggers link up and I'd love for you to join! I even made a button haha (I'm pretty excited about can you tell!)

    I hope you and husb are doing well and enjoying that gorgeousness new house!


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