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Scars {Heal With Time}

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I've had this post sitting in draft for a long time now. I couldn't seem to find the right time to hit publish. The right time to put it out in the open. To make it public. So it sat. Unpublished. I didn't want to bring you down with such a heavy subject. But when I came across Taylor's post, she gave me the courage to go on and post it.


We all have them. (I've shared a few of mine in our fairy tale above.) 

Whether from falling off a bike, falling from a tree,
or, if you're like me, stumbling for no apparant 
reason but from this crazy thing we call gravity.

Gravity sure does cause us a lot of pain, hurt and in the end, scars.
But it's when you defy gravity, when you pick yourself
up and dust yourself off, that you really begin to heal.

It's then you begin to grow.
It's then you begin to move on with your life.
And, with time, you see the scars start to fade.

As ugly as the scars may seem at first,
with time, maybe a long time, but after some amount of time you'll start to heal. 

Learn to embrace your scars. Live life again. 
Don't be afraid to get back up again. 
Learn something from your scars and become something, someone new.

Your scars are not your identity.

They are not your life, but only something that occurred in your life.

They are not who you are, but merely a part of you.

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  1. I love this. Thank you for finally posting. I'm sitting behind my screen with tears in my eyes. I have scars that remind me of the loss of our baby in June. I find myself never looking at my stomach. I often think they are who I am now. I work on it almost everyday. Thanks again for posting.

  2. So glad you finally posted this, there are so many "titles" and bad impressions that some scars can give you that hurt worse that the situations themselves. Can't let the past bring me down. I have right now, this moment alone!

  3. Beautiful, what a great post!

  4. Props to you my friend! For putting this post out there. For bearing your soul. Beautifully written. Straight from your heart. And you are right, we have to get back up and work on not allowing our scars to identify who we are. We need to be bigger than our scars! They are part of us and our history but they shouldn't define us. xoxo


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