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Only The Best Tacos EVER

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These really are the best breakfast tacos I've ever had. And I made them. When you're from San Antonio, the heart of delicious Mexican food, it's hard to beat a juicy, greasy charizo and egg taco, but these tacos are right up there with them. And, they're super easy to make - scrambled eggs, chopped bacon, cheese and a pinch of cilantro all stuffed into a warm corn tortilla. Then top with your favorite salsa. 

The only thing I did different this time around was flavor my eggs with some Tony chachere's and a little bit of oregano and basil, but seriously those little changes made all the difference.

Do you make your own breakfast tacos? Do you even make time for breakfast?

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  1. We love breakfast tacos around here! And those look amazing!

  2. I love breakfast tacos - they're one of my favorite foods and I make them just about any chance I get! And these look delicious. I never considered adding Tony's to my eggs before but I'll definitely have to try it next time!

  3. Those look and sound delicious!

  4. Oh those look absolutely amazing and may just have to be consumed by me this week!

  5. We love Tony's in our breakfast tacos too...and many other things :) Looks good!


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