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Lock and Load, It's Time to Shoot!

Over the weekend Brandon and I took a concealed handgun coarse. We spent the entire day learning about gun safety and storing your guns safely, learning about conflict resolution, about penal codes and where you can and cannot carry your gun. 

Needless to say we learned A LOT.

B and I were the only ones in our class to ACE the written exam, and we were pretty good on the range too. We're pretty awesome, in case you didn't already know. After the class I told Brandon he's lucky to  have me for a wife. I'll protect you, babe! Truth be told, I was literally shaking in my boots before I got up to shoot. 

Once you learn about safe handling and get comfortable with your gun I promise you won't be scared of one. And you'll have the confidence to defend yourself should you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation. 

The guys over at R & M Firearms were fabulous instructors, and made me feel incredibly comfortable with a gun in my hands. They were insanely hilarious too. They said they've tried carrying their guns with just their underwear on, but they kept losing their drawers. So, if they have their pants on, they've got their guns. 'Nough said. Thanks for a great class, Mark and Dicky!

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  1. Get it girl! Definitely is my opinion that everyone should take gun safety courses. It freaks me out when people are not aware of simple gun safety rules when I've gone shooting with them and then I refuse to go again!


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