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We all wear labels. Labels from the clothes we wear, labels from friends, adults, co-workers, and labels given to us from ourselves. Labels define us whether we like it or not. Whether positive or negative. We even label everything in our lives. From the food we eat, to our office supplies and our kid's clothes.  

But it's up to us to decide who and what we want to be defined by. Nothing that is spoken over you has to define you. Nothing from your past has to define you. 

You were not made to live an ordinary life. You have a destiny to fulfill. You've got to take off the ordinary and average labels that you've given yourself and stand up for how you want to be defined. 



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  1. Sometimes labels are so funny. People strive to wear/buy certain labels of clothing, but what really matters is how you label yourself as a person... not so much how expensive your clothes are. It's sometimes easy getting carried away with labels, but we need to remember the most important ones. :)


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