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Tidbits on Marriage

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A while back Brandon and I were at a friend's wedding, and during the reception the DJ asked all the married couples to get on the dance floor and join the bride and groom. The DJ started asking couples who had been married less than 2 years to leave the dance floor…and that was the shortest dance B and I have danced. Then he moved on to 5 years, 10, 15... I think the last couple still dancing had been married for 45 years. Then the older couple gave marriage advice to our newly wed friends. The gentleman said to always 'date' your wife, and the sweet old lady said to never go to bed angry. 

Here's a few reasons I'm sure my marriage is divorce-proof…

We wanted a marriage, not a wedding. I knew at the end of the day that I was marrying my best friend. And even though one of my bridesmaid backed out two days before the wedding and the wrong cake topper was put on, it didn't matter because it was about him and me. I've told all my friends getting married that no matter what happens on the biggest day of your life you're getting married. You're starting the rest of your life together as one. None of it will matter in 5 years. 

We talked about the important issues ahead of time. We talked about money, debt, student loans, kids, where we wanted to live, careers, life goals and everything else we wanted to put out in the open. That way when the time came we would have a smooth transition into our marriage. That there wouldn't be any surprises later down the road.

We have things in common. Since we started dating, we've always had shared interest. From fishing and hunting, mudding in his vamped up side by side buggy, to being out on the river wake-boarding it up. As cheesy as it sounds we simple love being in each other's company. 

How do you keep a healthy relationship with your spouse?


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  1. such important reminders about marriage!! definitely keeping this all in mind :)

    ps I love Melissa Jo!!!

  2. love this post, great advice!
    looking forward to meeting you via the blog sesh tomorrow night~

    xo the egg out west.

  3. Even thought I'm not married, have to agree with you that making sure you want the marriage and not just the wedding is incredibly important.

    Thanks for sharing about me to all your readers, love you girl!!


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