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My Husband just doesn't get it

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Blogging that is. But really, who's husband does?

If your husband does understand put up with or dare I say encourage the endless hours we women put into our blogs, sending/responding to emails, commenting, checking facebook and twitter and liking pictures on instagram than honey, you've got yourself a keeper. Hold on to him. Tight. Never let go, Jack!

Brandon loves to poke fun and point out to all of our friends that I blog and the fact that I really enjoy writing my blog. He thinks he's embarrassing me when in fact he's really just giving me free advertising and sending new readers my way. Thanks, babe!

But it's not just blogging he doesn't get, it's twitter and instagram too. Him and his guy friends are seeing hashtags at the end of people's status updates on facebook now, and they think that's all we do - hashtag everything. So while we're talking in a normal conversation, him and all his buddies finish their sentences with "hashtag best-night-of-the-year"or "hashtag I-love-this-beer" or my personal favorite "hashtag hashtags-are-stupid". Actually saying the word hashtag. Idiots, I tell you. ;P

Tell me, do your husbands get it? 


  1. Although I do not have a husband, I do however sometimes used # in real life conversation. Mainly with just my sister who is also a blogger. A normal conversation in talk or text would contains classics like #fail, #redneck, #sillybammers, #auburnforever haha

  2. Adam doesn't get it at all!! he makes fun of me too. but sometimes he gets really frustrated. I have to remember to balance my time better and also communicate with him so that he can be involved or at least show some more support. it's a funny thing blogging...

  3. My hubby doesn't get why I enjoy it... but he says he likes it because I vent on my blog rather then to him... I should probably be offended by that :) He does however support that I love it and that I'm trying to grow my blog, so I have to appreciate that.

  4. This is so funny, and sounds just like my husband! When my sister-in-law and I get together, we really get into our blog talk and he loves to tease us about it. He may not get it, but he does read it. I think that's sweet :)

  5. Nah, my husband doesn't get it either. Twitter confuses the heck out of him. He has an account but almost never uses it. Silly guys. They just don't get women sometimes. :)

  6. Mine more or less gets it...he loves to leave comments and encourages me to write, but the second I try to Instagram something, he's over it. Haha!


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