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Family Pictures

 photo FamilyChristmas2012-27_zps9146da7b.jpg

Hello February! It's turning out to be a beautiful month so far here in Texas. Granted we're only on day 2, but so far so good. 

Back in December we all got together at Mom and Dad's house in San Antonio and spent Christmas and New Years together. I love my family. We're pretty fun too! We've kind of made it a tradition now to take family pictures when we're all together. My sister and I are always snapping away. Some even say we take too many pictures, ahem Brandon. I mean, I guess you can have too many pictures of your family, said no one ever. ;P 

Here are some of my favorites. Happy weekend! 

 photo FamilyChristmas2012-36_zpsc1f9a713.jpg  photo family_1_zps556d5990.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-40_zps251c7d46.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-32_zpsbd1ac459.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-21_zps95377962.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-16_zps104501b6.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-14_zps618bdb74.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-11_zps1c71e906.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-8_zps49009c26.jpg  photo FamilyChristmas2012-7_zpse806caca.jpg


  1. These are such adorable family photos! So cute :)


  2. so cute. i just found your blog and you have such great posts!

  3. ahh what a beautiful family alisha!! i love the photos!

  4. Sometimes it's hard convincing the men in the family that you need more family pictures. :) Glad you got some great shots with your family.

  5. Y'all seem like such a fun and loving family! Love it!

  6. These are precious! You can really tell how much you all love each other!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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