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The 27 Project

Sometimes I find myself so wrapped up in my own little world that I miss out on the bigger things going on out there in this big ole universe of ours. I know, as bloggers, we get wrapped up in stats, commenting, followers/following, likes, keeping up with social media, posting to twitter and Facebook, the list goes on and on. And for what? So we'll get one more like or comment than the day before? (not that I don't appreciate all your uh-mazing comments, because I do!)

But, there really are bigger things out there. Things bigger than all of us. And Stacey's story and the project she created is one of them. She has a passion and drive that I wish I had. She has created a cause that has touched my heart and soul. In case you haven't heard, January is national slavery and human trafficking awareness month.  

If after you read Stacey's story and feel compelled to donate to this awesome cause, I urge you to visit their page and donate something. Anything. Even if it's the spare two dollars on your car's floorboard. They can use all the support we can give! If you can't donate now, maybe you can later on. You can keep up with the27project on their Facebook page, twitter and even Instagram.  

Here is Stacey's story...

The mission of the27project is to awaken nations to the global injustice of modern-day slavery. We hope to bring awareness and provide funding for the prevention and restoration of these lost voices through annual 27K running events held within the United States. 

Ten years ago I sat in a room full of my high-school peers and watched a documentary about child soldiers in Darfur. My heart broke for these children who were having their innocence stripped from them. Anger stirred within me as I watched them speak about fleeing for their lives. My heart’s desire quickly changed from one that wanted a future with a prosperous career to one that would be used to CHANGE THE WORLD. 

After graduating from Texas A&M University, I was drawn to the issue of human trafficking. My desire to learn more about the industry led me on an 11 month, 11 country mission trip called the World Race. By the end of the 11 month journey I had left pieces of my heart in each country, specifically in Haiti, Moldova, Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia. 

It wasn’t until I watched the movie Taken in a shack in Moldova that the vision for the27project was born. What began as a simple idea was soon fueled by the harsh realities I faced while on the field. The poverty level and high demand for commercial sex in these countries makes them a breeding ground for human trafficking. Every time I played duck duck goose and patty cake with the children in the Philippines, I thought of the young girls being sold into brothels by their families. At the end of my time there I said my goodbyes and vowed to commit my life to stopping the injustice of human trafficking. 

The27project organizes nation-wide running events called 27K for 27Million, which provides funding for organizations on the forefront of change, as well as inspire participants to use their voices to take a stand against modern-day slavery. My heart is to raise awareness, raise funding, and create a ripple of CHANGE in the nations. The journey is just beginning. Will you come along?

Stacey Compton 
[founder of the27project]

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  1. The 27 Project sounds like such a wonderful idea and cause. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this great introduction!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. What a powerful story. I was made aware of the rampantness of human trafficking after reading an article, "Combating Human Trafficking", in my Guidepost a few months back. Ever since then the subject has been near to my heart. I think it's great that you shared this story. I'm not sure that many know its severity, and I think we sometimes forget how very much alive it is in our own country. Thank you for sharing this story. I hope many are moved to helped in such a great cause.

  4. This issue of human trafficking is really important to me. Recently my church showed a video of women who had been rescued from their situation and we have been supporting efforts to rescue others and to stop this. It just hurts to hear how a child can be forced to lose their innocence.

    1. It's crazy to think people can force young women to actually do this. It breaks my heart.
      Thanks for the support!

  5. what an amazing cause, i love bloggers who blog for such great things. jessica who sent me

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  6. I absolutely love reading about women who have ventured outside of their own little world in order to make a difference in other people's lives. This is so inspiring, and I would love to help in any way I can! Thank you for sharing!

    I found your blog from Jessica Who, and I'm glad I did!


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