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Best of Instagram

Welcome back from the weekend! Did you do anything exciting? Fun? Spontaneous? OK fine, boring?? 

Brandon and I had a good weekend. It felt a little rushed because we had so much to do, but good nonetheless. We left for San Antonio on Friday and then turned right around to come back home yesterday morning. Showers and parties will wear you out, but put them in different cities and you're begging for a beating. Exhaustion doesn't even come close. Here's to relaxing more this week. Who's with me? 

PS. Here's a few of my favorite Instagram photos from the past week. Are you on Instagram?? Well then you should follow me @alisha_aWISHa ;P

PPS. I have winners from My Favorite Things Giveaway!! Be on the lookout for an email coming your way. It could be you! 

 photo instagram_1_zps6e4ec46f.jpg

1. Fresh flowers in my kitchen!
2. Missing Christmas…so I drink hot chocolate at noon. In 70F degree weather. :)

 photo instagram_2_zps4261ee3a.jpg

3. Loving my new desk decor (clock via Kohl's and apothecary jar and filler via Hobby Lobby)
4. Anthro inspired infinity scarf from My Favorite Things Giveaway via Dibrel

 photo instagram_3_zps5f046419.jpg

5. Post workout smoothie with my bestie @Yessica8284
6. Daring you to be different with this post


  1. I don't have Instagram b/c I don't have the kind of phone or Ipad etc that I would have it. I can't afford it, I would luv to have it. I hope all the giveaways don't starting making instagram comments required, as many of us that do giveaways don't have the $$ to buy anything, and that is why we hope we can win something.

    1. woops I forgot to say - I like your photos!!! and also Jessica Who? sent me to your blog!!!

  2. I miss Christmas too!... but love your Noel cup! Thanks for the giveaway at Jessica Who? :)

  3. Aw man I forget how much I love tulips, just so pretty and perfect.

  4. I wish I had Instagram... it kills me not having it. More photos of the new house please?! :) Love those pretty flowers. We drink hot chocolate even though it's warm out too.

    Those smoothie ingredients look absolutely delicious. We don't have a blender, but I'd get one just to make smoothies. Yum.

  5. Jessica Who? sent me! I love that scarf by the way. Your blog is so cute. I'm glad you had a giveaway with her or else I might have never found you :0

  6. I love your desk decor! Hobby lobby and all the cool things you can find there!! I must say I am jealous that it is 70 degrees where you live. It was 1 degree in the Chicago area today! Way too cold for my liking.

    Hope you are having a relaxing week! :)

  7. um... that noel cup is the best! love it and i think i want it, that smoothie looks great and that infinity scarf is so cute

  8. Oh wow that smoothie looks like it is going to be awesome! I just bought this blender in white for my mom for Christmas.

    Ali of:


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